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Ethos School of Music is excited to announce the introduction of Music Together classes for children ages 0-5.

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Welcome to Ethos

We believe that everyone is enriched by music and benefits from musical activities.


We believe that the Ethos system helps every person maximize their fullest potential in the world of music.


Are you looking for a robust music education? Does your school offer the program that you want? Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, Ethos is launching the Umbrella Fine Arts Initiative. Through this initiative Ethos will provide homeschooled, private school, and public school students who have limited fine arts programs with an opportunity to pursue quality fine arts education with credit (where applicable) through the Ethos Academy ensembles, group classes, and even private instruction. Ethos is uniquely situated to provide support in preschool, elementary, intermediate, and high school music education.


Students at Ethos are able to pursue private and small group instruction in a variety of instruments and disciplines. Private lessons can be booked in 30 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute, and even longer increments. Depending on age and ability, some students take multiple lessons per week. Our students and parents love the Conservatory Programs which provide the best music education available at the best prices.


Ethos offers a wide variety of services for musicians and non-musicians alike.

  • Hall and facility rentals.

  • Special event planning.

  • Professional development and continuing education.

  • Roster of performers and ensembles.

  • The Ethos Chamber Music Series.

  • Professional recording services.

  • Free Assessments to qualifying students.


Our Background

Khoren Ouzounian founded Ethos based on observations he made as a young teacher. While adjudicating many music festivals, he noticed that the majority of students in any particular teacher’s studio shared the same strengths and weaknesses... 

Whether in technique, preparation, expression, or even mannerisms, the students of one teacher would display similar tendencies (good and bad) in performance. Over time, Khoren codified this reality into his philosophy of  musical inheritance: An understanding that musical strengths and weaknesses, like genes, would be passed from teacher to student. He determined that the only way to overcome this musical myopia–a tendency to be blind to one’s own shortcomings–would require that:

Every teacher be regularly involved in continuing education and self-improvement.
Every student be exposed to master teachers so that gaps in learning and experience could be mitigated.
Students and teachers undergo frequent assessment of their abilities and progress.

​Ethos accomplishes all of these things through its programs which encourage regular performance, assessment, and adjudication for the students. It also allows every student the opportunity to receive observed lessons with a master teacher who can help them overcome current shortcomings while providing valuable training to their teacher.

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33211 Buckshot Ln, Magnolia, TX 77354