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Ethos Policies

Lessons, Scheduling and Attendance

1. Lesson times vary according to the demands of the Teacher and the Program type in which the student enrolls:


  • Lessons are scheduled according to age, level of development, and teacher availability.

  • Every Ethos teacher will do their best to provide optimal lesson times, however, priority in scheduling is given based on (1) the student’s program (2) and seniority at Ethos.

  • Tuition must be paid prior to receiving lessons.


2. Lessons must be canceled and rescheduled a minimum of 24 hours prior to their scheduled time:

  • Failure to do so will result in an automatic loss of tuition and lesson time.

  • Ethos allows one make-up lesson each quarter for any reason.

  • Make-up lesson dates and times are at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Missed lessons will not be credited to another quarter (see Finances).

  • With a valid excuse, Ethos will allow up to two missed lessons per quarter. Please speak to your teacher and the director for what qualifies as an excused absence.


3. Students are encouraged to arrive and depart promptly.

  • Tardiness results in a loss of lesson time.

  • Frequent tardiness or absences may result in expulsion.

  • Please do not disrupt lessons before or after your own.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times

Fees & Billing

The year is divided into four quarters for private lessons and some group classes (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) and two semesters (A & B) for some classes and ensembles.

  • Tuition for programs and private instruction are due on the first day of every quarter.

  • Tuition for group classes and ensembles are due before the first day of class.

  • Students are expected to take the number of lessons/hours required by their program every quarter (including Summer).

2. Students are responsible for the purchase of all educational materials as well as fees for festivals, master classes, competitions, summer festivals, examinations, etc. Any fees for classes or services offered through a program will not be charged to the student. Ethos purchases curriculum at group rates and passes these savings to the students. Program C: 18.25% and Program B: 28.25%

3. Ethos offers family discounts for programs A, B, and C:

  • Program fees: 2 students = 10%; 3 students = 15%; 4 students = 20%; 5+ students = 25%.

  • Multiple students in one family may aggregate their hours to reduce hourly rates where applicable, but may not aggregate hours to qualify for programs.

4. Tuition is subject to a cost-of-living increase annually.

5. Tuition must be paid prior to receiving lessons. Any lesson taken prior to tuition being paid will be charged at the non-preferred rate.

6. Students who choose to discontinue private lessons during a quarter may qualify for a partial reimbursement of lesson tuition.

  • On or before the 20th of Month 1: up to 50% tuition reimbursement.

  • On or before the 20th of Month 2: up to 25% tuition reimbursement.

  • After the 15th of Month 2: No reimbursement

Preparedness and Events

Students should demonstrate that they have practiced sufficiently and have accomplished all assignments. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

  • Students or parents must maintain a journal where they can record assignments.

  • Students should arrive prepared to perform with clipped nails, etc.

  • Chronic failure to finish assignments may result in expulsion. d. Students are expected to accomplish a certain number of pieces based on their Program and level of accomplishment.


Studio Classes & Recitals.


  • Studio Classes occur monthly beginning in August and ending in May.

  • One Studio Class per quarter will be designated a Studio Recital.

  • Recitals occur at the end of every quarter. Participation in recitals is limited to students who have demonstrated mastery of their music and have approval for performance.


Students may be invited to participate in local, national, and international competitions as well as festivals based upon their level of experience and expertise.


Students are encouraged to attend as many professional recitals and concerts as possible.


  • We will inform you of upcoming events and keep them posted to the School Calendar.

  • Ethos School Faculty put on regular recitals and some faculty members perform frequent solo recitals.

  • Students who turn in copies of recital programs with a synopsis of their experience may be eligible for the Concert Attendance Award.

Ethos Certificate Program (Annual Artistry Awards):

  • Conservatory students can qualify for certification by:

    • i. Being accepted into Conservatory A.

    • ii. Maintaining exemplary attendance and performance in all classes.

    • iii. Performing in every Ethos recital.

    • iv. Passing level appropriate technical levels and assessments.

    • v. Passing RCM exams with first class honors with distinction.

    • vi. Performing a solo Ethos AAA recital.

  • 3A recitals are professionally recorded and adjudicated.

  • Recitals must be approved 90 days before they are scheduled.

  • Students in level 2 will prepare their own recital program. Students in level 3 will also prepare program notes.

  • During the 3A recital a panel of 3 artist teachers will assess the musical development of each student.

  • Recitals are subject to minimum programming and repertoire requirements:


These are general guidelines and exceptions can be made with Director approval

Effective and regular communication between Ethos participants is very important.

Parents & students may call 281-298-SAGE (7243) or email at

Ethos Partners:

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