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Ethos Offerings

Here at Ethos, we have bundled many of our classes and offerings together in order to create packages that fit the various needs of our students while providing them with significant cost savings over a la carte pricing. We also offer family and multi-student discounts to our members. 

Ethos Offerings

Student Levels

Many classes are grouped by level. Student levels are divided by age, grade, and accomplishment. Levels determine class enrollment and certain fees for events. The levels are generally divided as follows:

Student Levels

Ages 0-6


Preschool - Kinder


General Music
Pre-RCM / Prep

Level 1

Ages 6-10


Grades 1st to 4th


Primary and Elementary
RCM 1-4

Level 2

Ages 10-14


Grades 5th to 8th



and Preparatory
RCM 4-7

Level 3

Ages 14+

Grades 9th+


Advanced and Artist

Summer Camps


During the months of June, July, and August, Ethos offers a variety of Festivals and Day Camps for young musicians. These events usually last 3-5 days and are held either in the morning or afternoon. 

Chamber Music Camp: July 11-15, open performance on July 16

The Chamber Music Camp is for students who wish to gain experience playing in small ensembles such as trios, quartets, and quintets. Pre-formed ensembles are welcome to register as a group! If you are registering as an individual, you will be placed in an ensemble and the music will be selected for you. 


Students can expect group instruction which will focus on the importance of balance and other small ensemble skills. Following the group instruction, students will break out into their assigned ensembles for practice and coaching.

  • Age/Skill: Intermediate to advanced players (assessments available)

  • Time: 1:00 to 3:30 PM

  • Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano

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Soloist Adventure Camp: July 25-29

Soloist Adventure Camp combines art, literature, and technique to create the fullest and most convincing performance. Every day, each student will analyze their pieces and create stories, art, and poems to help them understand phrasing, emotions and characters. Please come prepared with two performance ready pieces to analyze during the week and be prepared to perform every day!

Day 1: Story telling techniques
Day 2: Create and tell your narrative
Day 3: Visual images transferred to art
Day 4: Narrative prose to poetic prose
Day 5: Full presentation and performance


  • Ages: 5-10 years old or grades 1-5

  • Time: 1:00 to 3:00 PM

  • Instruments: All instruments (winds and brass included)



  • Ages: 11-18 years old or grades 7-12

  • Time: 3:00 to 5:00 PM

  • Instruments: All instruments (winds and brass included)

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Conservatory Programs


In order to meet the various individual needs of our students, The Ethos Conservatory is divided into five programs: Conservatory A, B, C, D, and E. Classes may be purchased individually or they may be bundled as part of a program.

Conservatory E  –  Registration Fee: $60/year.

This program is designed for students who are solely enrolled in an Ethos ensemble. The registration fee enables them to enroll in any ensembles and group classes offered at Ethos. They are also eligible for multi-member family discounts.​

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Conservatory D  –  Registration Fee: $15/quarter.

This program is designed for students who wish to take periodic private lessons but who cannot fulfill a 40 lesson/20 hour minimum.

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Conservatory C  –  Enrollment Fee: $396/year.

Worth over $800, payable in quarterly installments of $99.

This program is designed for students who want formidable training through weekly instruction.  To qualify for this program, students must receive at least 40 lessons and 20 hours of instruction per year. Students in this program will receive:

  • Discounted quarterly lesson packages.

  • Free monthly studio classes.

  • Free monthly RCM Prep classes.

  • Free semi-annual studio recitals including accompanists.

  • One artist coaching per year.

  • One professional assessment per year.

  • 10% discount on all Ethos merchandise, group classes, ensembles, and performances.

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Conservatory B  –  Enrollment Fee: $796/year.

Worth over $1600, payable in quarterly installments of $199.

This program is for students who want a well rounded music education, but are not prepared for the rigors of the Conservatory A program. Students in this program must receive a minimum number of private instruction hours per year: 20 hours for LVL1, 30 hours for LVL2, and 40 hours for LVL3. Students in this program are expected to pass RCM exams and will receive:

  • All the benefits of Conservatory C plus:

  • One free Ethos Honors Recital per year (Must qualify).

  • Two artist coachings per year.

  • One professional assessment per year.

  • Enrollment in MusiCore Classes.

  • 15% discount on all Ethos, merchandise, group classes, ensembles, and performances

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Conservatory A  –  Enrollment Fee: $1196/year.

Worth over $3000, payable in quarterly installments of $299.

This program is by invitation only and scholarships are available for qualifying students. For consideration, students must pass RCM Exams with a minimum score of 80; Take at least 40 lessons and 40 hours of private instruction per year; have near perfect attendance at all lessons and classes:

  • All of the benefits of Conservatory B plus:

  • Enrollment in Performance Artistry.

  • Tickets to all concerts sponsored at Ethos.

  • Quarterly coachings with artist faculty.

  • Invitations to perform in master classes.

  • Participation in all Ethos Honors Recitals.

  • 20% discount on all Ethos, merchandise, group classes, ensembles, and performances.



Students can qualify for scholarships on their Ethos programs. In order to qualify for a program scholarship, students must take the RCM exam and pass with Highest Honors or Highest Honors with Distinction. For details, contact us.

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Private Lessons

Assessments & Coachings

Ethos students have the ability to schedule lessons and assessments with master teachers on our faculty. Every student, regardless of program, will receive an annual assessment as part of their program. FEES: Vary according to the teacher.​

Private Lessons

(All levels)

Private lessons provide essential training on instrument specific techniques and repertoire. Subjects like conducting, theory, composition, and chamber music can be taught to small groups of 2 to 4. Programs A-C require 40 lessons per year (10/qtr). Private lesson tuition IS NOT included in the conservatory program fee. Students enrolled in programs A-C have access to discounted lessons by purchasing 10-Packs. FEES: Vary according to teacher, experience, and availability.

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Group Classes


Levels 1-3; Weekly; $300/semester or included in Conservatory Programs A & B.

This class is recommended for any student taking the RCM exam as it prepares students for both the theory and the practical exams. 

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Music Story Time

Level Preschool; 10 Classes; Weekly, $200/quarter or $100 when combined with Music Together or for siblings.

This 30 minute class explores the story of music and how it has developed. Through narration, arts & crafts, and performances, students get to discover the people and events that have shaped our lives through music.

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Conservatory Programs
Private Lessons
Group Classes

Music Together

Level Preschool; $300

($200 for additional siblings)
1 class a week, 10 classes total


This 45 minute family experience immerses everyone in music through interactive singing, dancing, and play. Materials included.

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Performance Artistry

Levels 1-3; Monthly; $150/quarter; Included in Conservatory Program A.

This class focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of effective performance. In this class, students delve into the highest levels of performance artistry through in-depth psychological training and use of narration and characterization.

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Level 3; Weekly; $500/semester.

This specialized composition class is offered to students who have met certain prerequisites in Theory and Performance. During this class, students compose original pieces for the class ensemble and rehearse the pieces together. At the end of each semester there is a Practicum concert.

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Professional Development Class

Contact us for more information.

These classes are organized for groups of professionals and are geared to cover a specific topic of interest or need.

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RCM Prep

Monthly, 9 times a year, $250/year; or included in Conservatory Programs A-C.

In these classes students review RCM theory and ear training to prepare them for the practical and theory exams offered through RCM.

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Studio Class

Monthly, 10 times a year, $200/year or included in Conservatory Programs A-C; Individual classes may be purchased at $25/class.

This group class focuses on learning musical principles and performance techniques. Accompanists attend every class.

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RCM Prep
Studio Class



Ethos Choirs

Weekly; $350/semester or $600/year.

As part of our Umbrella Fine Arts Initiative, this is a choral program for beginners through high school. Prerequisites and a proficiency test required for certain levels.

Ethos Orchestras

Weekly Mondays; $350/semester or $600/year.

As part of our Umbrella Fine Arts Initiative, this is an orchestra program for beginners through high school. Prerequisites and a proficiency test required for certain levels.

• Learn More about the Umbrella Initiative •



Chamber Concerts

Schedule varies;  $25/ticket,
Free to Conservatory A program.

Throughout the year, Ethos hosts concerts by artist faculty and guests. Students are encouraged to attend as many as possible.

Ethos Honors Recitals

Once per semester;  $50 fee,
(waived if included in a program).

Twice a year, Ethos sponsors an honors recital. Performers must be referred by their private teacher and must pass an audition. After auditioning, performers receive two performance artistry classes and the recitals are professionally recorded.

Ethos Studio Recitals

Once per semester; (Included in all programs).

Ethos sponsors studio recitals. Students may register for these recitals without an audition with teacher approval.

Faculty Concerts

Once per semester;  Free,
(donations accepted).

Once a semester, the Ethos faculty put on a concert for the students. These are exciting events where the students get to hear their teachers perform the RCM literature at a professional level.

Master Class

Once per semester;  Free,
(donations accepted).

Students will be selected to perform in a master class presented by members of the artist faculty or by visiting guests. These classes are open to all Conservatory supporters and students by rsvp.

Music Appreciation

Once per semester; 
Free to the public with RSVP,
Priority access to Conservatory program members and their families.

Ethos faculty members will present a music appreciation course. This class may entail performances and lectures about a variety of topics. These classes are open to the public although RSVP is required.

Parent Class

Once per semester; Free.

Once a semester, Ethos offers a parent class where members of the Ethos faculty present recent findings in music pedagogy as well as facilitating a discussion on best practices for supporting and encouraging students.

• Contact Us for More Information •

Special Services

Teacher & Student Affiliate

At Ethos, students can join our programs without being enrolled in private lessons with one of our teachers. Affiliated students can enroll in our programs to take advantage of our group classes, recitals, assessments, artist coachings, studio classes, RCM prep/exams, and more. Additionally, teachers can affiliate their entire studios and take advantage of our facilities for private recitals, studio classes, accompanists, etc. Please contact us for more information.


Ethos offers professional accompanying services and encourages students to take advantage of this service for public school events like the state solo/ensemble competition and region competition. Conservatory program members receive special discounts. Contact us for rates.

Ethos Chamber Players

Ethos maintains a roster of excellent performers and artists. We often host concerts throughout the year to which conservatory members can purchase tickets at reduced rates. Ethos also provides professional live music for social, business, and special events like birthday parties, weddings, receptions, etc


Hall Rentals

The Ethos mainstage and hall can be rented out for special events such as birthday parties, concerts, corporate events, and recitals.

Recording Services

Ethos can create high quality videos for auditions, websites, personal use, etc. Recording can be added to events hosted at Ethos as well. All Ethos recitals are recorded, and if not included in the program, students may purchase those recordings. 

• Contact Us for More Information •

Special Services

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